New Study:  Meals on Wheels Reduces Isolation, Loneliness of Clients and Helps Improve Safety  

A Brown University study released in March shows Meals on Wheels (MoW) America’s “More Than Just A Meal” motto is much more than just a catchy phrase.

The report’s findings back up earlier anecdotal evidence that the recipients of MoW’s daily food deliveries feel safer, healthier, less isolated, not as lonely and less worried.  Conducted in late 2013 and early 2014, the 15-week study analyzes the answers of 626 people in eight MoW programs around the country who either were receiving daily meals, weekly meals or were still on a waiting list and not yet receiving food.

The numbers for those receiving daily meal deliveries are predictably the most impressive: Continue reading


Celebrating National Volunteer Month with Breakfast

During April 2015, you can celebrate Lima Bean Respect Day on April 20, Talk Like Shakespeare Day on April 23, or any of these other 17 Offbeat Holidays…But, every day of April, you can celebrate National Volunteer Month!

On the morning of Wednesday, April 8, the the FCDOA celebrated the service and dedication of our Meals on Wheels volunteers by inviting them to a breakfast buffet hosted by Homewood at Crumland Farms, one of the kitchens that also provides Meals on Wheels meals for 4 of the 18 current routes. Homewood provided a splendid spread of scrambled eggs, biscuit and chipped beef gravy, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, and fruit.

People Eating

Volunteers enjoyed their breakfast in Homewood’s beautifully decorated room while reveling in the opportunity to speak with other Meals on Wheels volunteers throughout the county. It was a blissful and upbeat morning! Continue reading