DOA’s Front Desk Person Answers Questions, Directs Seniors to Needed Services

To her colleagues, Sue Ramsburg is a “compass” of the Frederick County Department of Aging (DOA).

Sitting at the front desk in DOA’s lobby at 1440 Taney Avenue in Frederick, she helps 30 to 35 daily callers get the information or services they need.  She directs them to the right department experts or answers their questions herself or provides some of the answers and then sends them to the experts for more information.

Ramsburg’s ability to answer questions on a wide range of subjects often helps to reduce the workload of the experts and department case workers, a fact that has won her praise from throughout DOA.  “She is super-helpful,” said Jessica Paguirigan, an AmeriCorps volunteer who has served the last year as a DOA Meals on Wheels coordinator.

Ramsburg said she tries “to give [callers and department visitors] as much information as possible. I’ve been here seven years and I sort of learn things as I go along.  I love this job.”  With a touch of self-deprecating humor, she added, “I always tell people I know a little bit about a lot.” Continue reading