Valentine’s Day 2015 at the FCDoA <3

Do you know the value of a homemade card from someone you love? It’s priceless.

What about the value of a homemade card from a stranger? Equally priceless. And we can confirm this price tag from our Meals on Wheels clients, who received valentines from caring members of the community this past Friday, February 13, along with their daily meals.

This past Friday, our volunteers helped to deliver 3 beautiful valentines to each of our Meals on Wheels clients. For an entire week, several envelopes and hand-delivered boxes of cards poured into the office from clubs and individuals in Maryland and Pennsylvania wanting to spread some holiday joy to our clients. Continue reading


“Everybody has a story”: Volunteer Spotlight on Don Mattingly

“There was a man I used to deliver to, and when I first started delivering to him, he was upset because he wanted his meals to arrive earlier. I told him I could switch around the route so that I deliver to him first instead of last. He seemed to like that.

And then I told him, ‘Now I am a man of my word, so I will get you these Meals on Wheels every Wednesday so long as I am able. Even if my car breaks down in the middle of the winter, and I have no shoes or coat, I will walk in the blistery cold to your doorstep so that you get these meals. You have my word.’ After that, he seemed to open up to me.  We were good friends and we would talk for a bit whenever I would deliver to him. Continue reading

“Eating for a Cause” in February

Friends of Meals on Wheels has done it again! They have organized several opportunities for us all to give back to the community in the simplest of ways. With their series of “Eating for a Cause” fundraisers, you and your family can have a lovely night on the town, eating at a local restaurant, and know that a portion of your meals’ cost will be going toward a reputable cause- ensuring that homebound and food insecure people in the community are getting Meals on Wheels.

Last month, they kicked off the campaign at Ruby Tuesday, where 20% of the bill was donated to the Meals on Wheels cause. This raised $153.21! And FRIENDS hopes to double this amount this February with their events at Texas Roadhouse and UNO’s. Continue reading